4th October 2021

Hiking in Portugal

Hiking in Portugal is an excellent adventure activity that is suitable for every kind of person. There are several historical and cultural sites in Portugal which make it a perfect destination for those who want to discover a bit of history in addition to having a great time outdoors. Portugal has long been a favorite destination by nature-lovers because of the country’s picturesque landscape and spectacular coastline. The breathtaking countryside is dotted with dozens of beautiful beaches and hiking paths.

If you choose to go hiking in Portugal, the first thing you need to do is take a self-guided hike around the Camino Real. This is a nature reserve that is located in the northeast part of Portugal near the town of Alvor. Hiking in Portugal starts at the Camino Real then going southwestwards towards the reserve’s periphery. The trail covers rugged terrain, thick forests, and deep gorges, as well as some amazing views of the coastline and the Alaskan countryside.

Hiking in Portugal starts at the Douro River, which forms the eastern boundary of the island of Madeira. For many years, this stretch of Douro River was closed off to foot traffic but recently has been opened to public. One of the most popular routes of hiking in Portugal that starts at the Douro River is the Alvor route, which goes from Porto di Imperia to Porto Velia. This route gives a wonderful view of the bay of Alvor and includes some splendid scenery along the way, including the Costa de Alvor, the highest mountain peak in Portugal.

Most walking holidays in Portugal will start at the southernmost point of the country, in Madeira, and proceed through central Portugal to reach the Algarve. Hiking in the Algarve requires carrying extra clothing, since the climate there is sub-tropical and humid. You can rent car insurance for your hiking expeditions in Portugal, so you will not have to worry about any extra expenses. Hiking in Portugal begins and ends at the seacoast of Alvor, and most hikes follow the coastal path of the Douro River.

There are many other fantastic hiking routes in Portugal, including the Costa de Alvor, which offers fantastic scenery and beautiful beaches. The Azores trails (in the north central region) and the Cascais (in the south central) offer gorgeous hiking destinations. Hiking in Portugal is a great escape from the stressful city life, and you can still enjoy the great outdoors, with lots of walking and hiking during your holiday.

Interestingly, Portugal tends to offer many more recreational activities apart from hiking, giving one the full opportunity to explore the thrill in different ways. For instance, one can do skydiving in the Alentejo, bungee jumping in Albufeira, kitesurfing Viana do castelo, skiing in the Serra da Estrela, and a lot more.

For more information on where to find walking trails or these recreational activity spots in Portugal, you can make a web search or can simply ask your local tour operator. They will usually be more than happy to help you plan your trip, and they will also be able to give you some good information on which local hiking trails to try. If you are touring Madeira as part of a larger group, it might be worthwhile for you and others in your group to take a driving tour around Madeira. It will give you an opportunity to get more local experience, and it will make it easier to locate and enjoy the different sites. When you visit Portugal, do not forget to explore the local route by taking a walking tour. It is sure to be a fun-filled trip for all!