29th July 2021

Tech Considerations Before You Travel

They say you can get by with just three things when you travel – your passport, your wallet, and your phone. Before you do set off on your travel though, there’s a few things you should consider particularly with your tech devices to ensure you don’t land in a spot of bother, and to make sure that you aren’t breaking any local laws too, doing your due diligence and reading ahead of time can certainly help you avoid some issues but there’s plenty of easy tips to keep you on the right side of things, and ensure you’re able to use your favourite services without disruption, even whilst travelling.

Be wary of public Wi-Fi, and plan for data usage – A common target for tourists, particularly for those looking to do some work whilst on the road, comes from public connection areas even for more trustworthy or well-known locations, but has become an increasing problem as there are a huge number of reports for those who have lost personal information or found themselves compromised because of this. The first consideration to make is just how much data you think you’ll need for your trip, and plan for a little extra too, as steering clear of public connection spots could save you a headache further down the line.

Take care with some apps and services – You may have your favourite set of games that you’d like to play as maximumcasinos.com lists some of the favourites here, or even rely on your trusty VPN to keep you safe online in public spaces too, but not all countries are as welcoming of these services as others, and the last thing you’d want is to land yourself in a spot of trouble because you forgot to uninstall one app, or you’ve mistakenly left it running. There’s often a lot of leeway here, and for a genuine mistake you’ll be forgiven, but it’s much easier if you know ahead of time and don’t get caught out. Although, if you are traveling a lot, you’ll likely be connected to hotel and public wifi a lot of the time which can actually make your private data very vulnerable to hackers on the same network and so you may want to read norton vpn reviews to see if you want to secure your device in this way before heading out on your travels.

Consider charging opportunities, and external power options – It isn’t uncommon to carry around an external power bank, but if you’re going somewhere that you know won’t give you a huge host of charging opportunities all the time, it’s important to be prepared ahead of time. If you need to take multiple, make sure you plan ahead of time, and bigger capacity can help but there are some travel restrictions for what you may or may not be able to use, so it’s important to know about those ahead of time too. Ensuring that your device is topped up with battery, but also that you have backups in place just in case will make all the difference, and will give you a lot of confidence too.