16th June 2021

Travelling Europe in a Single Day

Travelling Europe by rail is very easy, comfortable, economical and scenic. On long distance trains your journeys are much more pleasant and relaxed as opposed to planes, and there’s less chance of being late for check in or extra baggage charges! Most of Central Europe has excellent high-speed connections, and even on slightly slower routes there’s enough room to stretch out and enjoy the scenery. If you want a real experience of European culture and don’t mind an evening nap then take a day trip! There’s plenty to see and do in just about every town.

One of the most popular ways of travelling Europe is to follow the thousands of tourists who throng to the many Ionian Islands once a year. Ionian Island holidays are a great way to relax and re-energise before heading back to the UK or France. The island’s stunning beaches offer the best of the Balearic Islands. Many travellers prefer the longer route, taking in places like Santorini and Kusadasi, but there’s always something to keep the more energetic traveler wanting to spend more time in Ionian villages.

Another popular way of travelling Europe is by train. Travelling Europe by train gives you a realistic view of the continent, and gives you a unique opportunity to acquaint yourself with its culture. The best way to learn about this is by reading up on the different train routes and countries. However, if you’re looking for a great place to base yourself for a few days, why not consider a one week Passes For All? With a one week pass you’ll be able to visit many of the places you might want to go during your European train journey, and you’ll be able to return to your home country easily and painlessly.

If you’re new to train travel in Europe, and particularly the UK, then a high-speed rail connection such as the Hinkley Point Express could be your best bet. The cost of the journey is split into two parts; the first part is the actual carriage, which is extremely comfortable. The ride itself is exciting, the scenery spectacular, and you’ll be able to take in the beautiful surroundings of East Anglia and the Scottish Highlands before getting off at the other end. This is a great option for first class train travel in Europe, because it means you’ll arrive in time for dinner!

There are numerous rail passes that allow you to travel across Europe for free. Travelling Europe by rail passes means you can go to many of the famous cities as well as many smaller towns and villages across Europe. If you have a eurail pass, you can take a train from the UK straight to Paris, or you can travel via a separate bridge to get to Amsterdam, and then hop on to a direct Eurostar train to Milan.

You can also use eurail passes to travel throughout much of Central Europe (the countries of Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary) in just one single day. With a single pass, you can travel to the likes of Prague, Bratislava, Krakow, Tallinn, Vilnius, etc. For a more leisurely look at this kind of pass, why not travel Europe by night? You can cover the same areas above in about 3 days with a rail journey or river cruise. The prices for travelling in Europe this way are generally a bit higher, but not by too much – compare what you would pay for airfare, accommodation, etc.