24th February 2021

How is the slots industry changing in 2021?

The digital world is evolving, and the slots industry is going through drastic change as well. Many gamblers have moved from brick and mortar casinos to online slot games at Bezy.

According to an estimate, the gambling industry revenue will most probably reach 1 trillion in 2021. This article will shed light on how the slot industry will appear in 2021.

What does the future entail for the slot industry?

Gone are the days when people were happy playing slots in real casinos. With the advancement in technology, gamblers prefer online slots from the comfort of their homes. Along with casinos, the interest in sports betting has also seen a rise with these advancements. There are platforms like ATS.io (those interested can click here) that tend to provide promos and offers based on real-time data, for people to make the most out of their gambling experience.

Though there are many other forms of gambling, none have the broad spectrum of the slots. With the progress in technology and players preference the slot industry will likely to see

  • Theme base slot games on different TV shows and movies.
  • There will be harsh betting limits because of strict gambling rules and regulations
  • The graphics have to be of superior quality if the slots industry wants to maintain its popularity among the savvy audience.

What Changes will occur in the Slot Gaming Software?

Gaming software companies for slots are at the forefront in introducing technologies with the leading edge. There are high expectations from the gaming software companies that produce some outstanding games in 2021.

  • New slot games would be compatible with high optimization to all mobile devices and gaming TVs (like those produced by VIZIO).
  • Mobile gaming technology has transformed the players’ gaming experience, and now games are accessible without downloading.
  • The incorporation of HTML5 specifications that enable accessibility of instant flash
  • Game developers are looking forward to adapting the Blockchain technology; it will make the transaction easier.
  • To provide players with the best payment method that ensures security, it includes cryptocurrency as an option.
  • Many leading software companies are investing heavily in creating software for stimulating gaming
  • Graphics will reach its best quality which provides games superior characteristics in terms of animations and sound effects.
  • An enhanced interface is sure in the cards for the slot industry. It will transition with the player’s mood. It is still unknown how all this looks, but it sure sounds intriguing.
  • As technology is going to rule the gambling industry in the future. Developers strongly feature data systems across their designs. The future security system entails

Artificial intelligence

Big Data for Safety

Chip Security

RFID technology

Facial Recognition

  • 2021 will be the era of mobile apps. To keep up in the race of the best and cater positively to the needs of the tech-savvy generation, all slot game providers might need to avail of the help of mobile app development companies at some point in time.

Is Virtual Reality Gaming the Future of the Slot Industry?

Virtual Reality gaming is quickly becoming the new gambling world reality. Players will see gradual progressing and considerable change in the slot industry.

Although the concept is still in working stages, many casinos will adapt and embrace this new technology once it blooms.

VR casinos will provide players with an exclusive gaming experience giving them the sensation of a real casino. A VR device is the only requirement players need, and they will be ready to have the best gaming experience.

An estimate of revenue generated by VR projects is about 250 billion in 2021.