31st May 2019

Why Should Foodies Book a Serviced Apartment Instead of a Hotel?

There are plenty of reasons people look forward to getting away. Apart from the thrill of missing work for a few days and the excitement of being somewhere else, one great thing about being somewhere new is getting to try all the local food. Even if you aren’t somewhere famous for its local delicacies, you’ll still have a whole host of new restaurants to try, and that’s enough to fire the appetite of any foodie.

However, many people forget to consider the impact their accommodation has on how much they enjoy those local dishes. Here are just a few reasons why it’s better to book a serviced apartment instead of a hotel if you’re into food.

Close to All the Culinary Action

In most UK cities, larger hotels need to be built away from the city centre. That puts you at a real disadvantage since most of the best restaurants will be central. When you want to visit them, you’ll need to book a taxi or take a bus, which can take the edge off a good meal. Serviced apartments are usually more central, so you’ll find yourself at the coolest restaurants after just a quick stroll from your front door.

Your Own Cooking Space

While visiting a city’s best restaurants is certainly fun for any foodie, most will also be thrilled with the idea of whipping up their own meals using local ingredients. Unfortunately, you can’t do that in most hotels since their rooms don’t generally have kitchens. You can always bring those ingredients home, but it’s better to have them fresh. Serviced apartments have fully fitted kitchens, so you’ll be able to use those delicious ingredients right away.

Expert Advice

Serviced apartments offer first-class assistance, so you’ll be able to contact someone whenever you like to enquire about the best local restaurants. Hotel staff don’t tend to be as informed about the latest thing, so you’ll usually just get directed to the places guidebooks have already made popular.