10th March 2019

Destinations that Epitomise the Quintessential Exotic Getaway

I suppose for something to qualify as being exotic it really has to embody that which you’re not ordinarily exposed to in your everyday life, so that’s why in this post we’re headed to destinations that probably span the entire globe in discussion of some exotic getaways. Whether you’re a business owner or entrepreneur doing your own thing, or indeed if you work the standard eight-hour shift from Monday to Friday, depending on where you spend most of your life you can take your pick from one or more of these destinations which epitomise the quintessential exotic getaway.

Southern/East Africa

It must be made clear that Southern Africa is a region and South Africa is a country, while East Africa is a region, which is why I’ve referred to these destinations as Southern Africa and East Africa. With that out of the way, while these are very developed parts of the African continent (you can find pretty much anything you can get back home), their exotic appeal perhaps resides in the abundance of nature reserves, game reserves , national parks, etc, where you can go on Safari. So South Africa and Kenya could perhaps make for some great exotic getaways which bring you as close to nature as anyone can get.


There are indeed some specific parts of Canada where the Northern Lights can be seen, but it’s mostly in Scandinavia where this is specifically sold as an attraction to come and experience. I bet people who live in countries where it’s always hot would love to experience the biting cold of the Reykjavik winter, if only to be able to say they’ve experienced it. Iceland is indeed becoming a growingly popular destination of this sort to visit, but there are other options such as Norway, Finland, and even Denmark. Remember, it’s exotic to you if it’s not something you’re used to seeing every day. Truly, it’s not every day that you get to see the Northern Lights and in Iceland at that, a favorite subject of photographers. There is a season for the Northern Lights, as well as some things to remember when
visiting Iceland for this phenomenon, which you can read more about here.

Indian Ocean Islands

In addition to the likes of Hawaii, which we’ll get to in a moment, perhaps the picture-perfect exotic destination is universally represented with palm trees, white sandy beaches and awe-striking waters of the beautiful ocean, which is why some of the islands of the Indian Ocean feature prominently as quintessential exotic destinations. You can take your pick from many great options, including the Seychelles, Mauritius, the Maldives, and even Madagascar. Oh, I can’t forget Zanzibar, can I, which along with Mauritius perhaps makes for one of the more affordable of these options?


Hawaii perhaps mirrors what the islands of the Indian Ocean have to offer by way of exotic getaways, but naturally with a Pacific twist. It’s not all that far from Mainland USA, but it’s “far” enough to offer that remote feel. If it’s exclusivity you’re particularly after, Kolea units which are situated within the Waikoloa Beach Resort offer all of that and more. Enjoy the excitement of the volcanic history of the islands and the breath-taking natural beauty which has been forged from the extreme fertility of volcanic land.