1st March 2019

Top 5 Innovative Ways to Make Money whilst Travelling with or without Internet

A backpack and some overwhelming curiosity could be the only things you set off your journey with. Happily, you eat delicious food, visit the best restaurants and fun locations, meet incredible people and make the most out of your visit. All of a sudden you realize that you are running short of pennies. You now think of what you can do to earn money.

Maybe you would like to continue enjoying the thrill pa online casinos. Surprisingly, there are tons of ways to make money while you stay abroad. And if you prefer offline methods, then dig into this post to learn all the things you can engage in to gather some bucks.

  1. Run a Group Exercise Class

You will realize that exercise is a continuous activity and does not need to be stopped just because you are in a foreign land. And you can have a few guys to show how to do exercise. Start by doing exercises every morning or evening. Many of them will realize that you are good at it.

When they see that you can help them and come for a consultation, solicit them to join your class and do it at a fee. In turn, you will earn some bucks as you keep your body healthy. Remember, exercises become fun when there is someone to motivate, be that person.

  1. Leverage your Photography

You most likely have a digital camera with you. And if you are savvy about the camera, then taking incredible photos can get your bucks. Your photography can be a sure source of income by selling them online or even offline.

Stock image websites can also buy your photos if they are up to their desired quality. You can also take photos of other visitors and make some money out of it.

  1. Teach a Language

One-on-one tutoring and small group coaching can go a long way in making you some money. You find that most travelers have the need to study a new language before they travel to new places where their language might not be widely spoken. You can chip in to teach them at a fee.

  1. Invest Before You Go

It may seem strange to spend money when you need to make money but trust us, If you use share trading platforms invest money into a rewarding share that’s currently booming before you leave to go traveling, you will be able to profit off this investment and have the money when you need it while the other side of the world. While this isn’t risk-free because if the company has a scandal, its prices will fall, if you invest in the right company, it could be the perfect way for you to fund your travels. Cryptocurrencies are quickly establishing themselves as the next big thing, as far as investing goes, and so it may be a great route to go down if you’re looking for a way to fund your travels. Check out this German-language article about die besten Crypto Robots to get you started.

  1. Make Videos

In case you have your laptop, it will aid in the editing of the videos you make. That is after recording activities with your digital camera. Some businesses around where you are may need promotional videos for advertisement purposes, grab that opportunity and earn yourself good cash. Now, if you are not into shooting the videos but want to make interesting tutorials for web design or instructional design work, you can use tools like Loom to create the videos and publish it online.


It does not matter where you are. There is always something you can do to make money. Also, internet accessibility may not be guaranteed everywhere, so you may want to try activities like exercise coaching and teaching a language to make money. However, photography and performing some music and comedy are also great ways to earn bucks.