1st March 2019

7 Ways Technology has Transformed the Way People Travel

Nowadays people are traveling bigger and better not forgetting faster than before. The changes to this sector might have been brought about by the demand for immediacy, seamless experience, and more personalized services.

Technology is one to blame for higher customer demands and any transformations in travel patterns. It has really transformed this field from organizing a trip to booking and flying to the destinations to helping to make sure you fully enjoy your trips by using all essential tools available.

The rapid expansion of computer and network technology has enabled most human activities to be closely linked to the Internet. The key to realizing the travel industry is to organize and manage spatiotemporal data scientifically and efficiently. This implies that the development and design of spatiotemporal databases are a critical component of this industry’s realization. And, this is where services like edge computing come into the picture. But, what is edge computing basically? It is the process of capturing, storing, processing, and analyzing data in the edge, or close to the client, rather than in a central warehouse. So, how and what have these technologies transformed in today’s world? Let’s find out in this blog!

  1. Technology has enhanced fun activities

People used to pack a few items to play a game with their travel parties but nowadays you can easily access these games online. If you want to have a lot of fun while on transit you can play casino games or any other online game that you love. Plus, there are now real money games available so people can earn as they play, which is great for travelers who need some more money in their pocket.

In addition, since many travelers like attending entertainment spots, they prefer finding them before they arrive at the destination. For example; one can find casinos in West Virginia before getting there to get fore-informed. Eventually, you won’t have a hard time trying to locate them once you are there.

  1. It has made travel-friendly to the environment and less-time devouring

Travel has become eco-friendly. Nowadays you do not have to print airline tickets or a hotel reservation. Thanks to e-tickets, mobile check-ins, and online reservations.

You do not have to spend a few hours lining up to book any travel reservation or carry with your papers. This is because most of the services are currently offered online. This technology has helped in saving the environment and the time.

  1. Technology has surpassed language barriers

Nowadays, smartphones have apps that can help in translating multiple languages. You do not have to carry a phrase book with you like in the ancient days. Some mobile phone feature will even let you translate menus and signs in real time.

  1. Payments made easier than ever

In this era of electronic payment, a lot of conveniences and low risk has been achieved. You do not have to carry a lot of cash or credit cards. Technology has enabled cashless ways to pay for all the services you need.

  1. Technology has allowed people to enjoy more personalized and extraordinary experiences

Personalization is a common buzzword for the travel industry. Most people will want to experience a customized trip. Especially for most millennials, personalized tours have been achieved through technology. They find this useful information on niche websites, blogs, and apps.

  1. Easy communication

Many flight companies and hotels now offer messaging options to their esteemed customers. They have established apps or messaging channels to allow customers to interact with them. So customers can easily make inquiries about any services that they would like to get. This can be further enhanced by incorporating text to speech API (Visit https://wellsaidlabs.com/features/avatars to gain more information about incorporating text to speech) into travel companies’ messaging frameworks, with different voice avatars. Doing that could improve the customer experience and result in a more effective form of communication.

  1. Technology has altered packing routines

You can now use a mobile phone to access music or the internet or music apps. You do not have to carry other gadgets for the same purpose. For avid readers, you can have several eBooks on your device instead of carrying several books in your travel case.


You have seen how technology has made travel easy and fascinating. From finding real fun as you travel too easy payment modes to easy communication between customers and travel service providers. However, the world of travel may take a larger stride in the future with increased and innovative technological advancements.