28th February 2019

Enjoying Some Real Time Off as a Travel Vlogger

They should definitely be commended for having identified an opportunity to really make a living out of immersing themselves in something which is otherwise considered an annual luxury by people who do indeed take a yearly vacation, but often the lines between what a travel vlogger does on their travels for “work” and pleasure can be blurred. To the outsider looking in to this seemingly perfect life, there is perhaps no better job than making money for essentially documenting something we all wish we could do more of, travelling.

It all looks so perfect until you actually consider the fact that it is after all “work,” whether the travel vlogger is being sponsored and paid directly by someone to effectively generate commercial content about the destinations they visit, or indeed if they’ve created the opportunity themselves through something like monetizing their YouTube videos.

It’s not all fun and games and there are times when time flies by so quickly that you don’t even get to really enjoy the destination you’re vlogging about. The same applies to bloggers, but because bloggers are more of the writers’ ilk, they perhaps have a natural way of separating the fun from the work when they’re out and about.

Either way, there are a few ways to make sure you can come away from your trip genuinely satisfied with what you got up to as a traveller, especially if it’s the kind of trip which forms part of your R&R – when you’re really taking time off to relax and recharge your batteries.

Visit a destination you’ve visited before

This can work the other way around too, where you first visit a new place and really just enjoy it without having your vlogger-hat on, which naturally arms you with the kind of practical knowledge and experience about the destination which you can then come back later to, to get some gems as far as the footage for your v-logs goes. Otherwise yes, if you did it the other way around then you can definitely “avenge” the destination you visited before, which had your relaxation time eaten-into by your urge to whip out your camera and get some killer footage of something like the French Catamaran Charter you might have been on.

Leave your vlogging gear behind

Seriously, leave your Gimbal behind and all other camera gear you own, including your Smartphone. That way it will be impossible for you not to force yourself to pause, relax, take in the scenery and enjoy some much-needed, real downtime. Instead of your gear, carry things with you that can help you relax. If you want to get some of your stress out, then you could try CBD oils or vapes (wherein a site similar to https://newswatchtv.com/2022/12/16/4-easy-steps-to-have-the-best-vaping-experience-ever/ could be helpful) that can help you wind down and just be in the moment. You could be surprised to know that CBD kind of works like magic and that is why many people tend to use it as a stress reliever. However, this can be especially beneficial and rejuvenating if you’re out in nature; click here to find different ways to consume the soothing herbs that will allow you to let go of your everyday hustle.

Do some of the so-called, super-touristy things

I mentioned chartering a French Catamaran for a specific reason as part of my strategy to really drive the point home and I’m revisiting it because it makes for something which you’d probably want to get full value for the money you paid out of. When engaged in some of the so-called “super-touristy” activities at whichever destination you find yourself, most of them require you to invest a little bit of money that will make you want to enjoy the moment fully and not waste a single second trying to get the perfect B-roll footage!