18th February 2019

5 Ways To Save On Business Travel

Traveling for business is all about work not pleasure. Therefore, you’re probably not going to opt for all the expensive bells and whistles. The best strategy is to focus on what needs to get done and keep your costs as low as possible.

By applying the right methods, you can save yourself hundreds on a single trip. As a result, you’ll have more money in your pocket, where it belongs. Here are a few of the best tricks for saving money on business travel.

Opt For a Travel Package

Many travel websites will offer a cheaper deal when you go for a package option. If you’re renting a car at your destination, it will likely be less expensive to buy your flight and rental at the same time. On the other hand, you may have to take some trips solely by car. In that case, your company may provide the transport facility or at least reimburse the costs incurred for travel (known as mileage reimbursement). It’s important to keep a record of things like the mileage of the vehicle, the date of the drive, reason for the trip, and whatever else may be required to successfully file a claim and get back the money spent.

When it comes to renting a car, you may not always need to opt for extra insurance. Just make sure that you read your policy carefully. Getting into a car accident in your rental and realizing you’re not covered is not an effective way to save on business travel.

Carry-On Only

If you’re only traveling for a few days to a week, there’s no need to pay for extra luggage charges. Learn how to pack intelligently and keep your bag light.

Not only will you save yourself money on baggage fees, but you’ll cut your travel time down significantly. You won’t have to sit around and wait to check your luggage or retrieve it at the carousel. For a frequent business traveler, the less time you have to spend waiting around the better.

Park Off-Site

Parking at the airport is significantly more expensive than using a lot which is off-site. You may have to grab a shuttle or walk a bit, but when you’re trying to cut costs, it’s worth it.

Sign Up For Deal Alerts

Many travel websites offer travel deal alerts. When prices are dropped significantly to locations of your choice, you’ll get an email.

If your business trips are flexible, travel deal alerts are an opportunity to schedule your travel around the best deals available to you.

Book a Hotel At The Airport

Airport hotels may not be the most glamorous place to stay; however, they are significantly cheaper than a city-center hotel.

Even though it may be a little drive to your work every day, the cost of gas is likely cheaper than a downtown hotel.

Eat At Your Hotel

It’s easy to eat out for every meal when your traveling for business. Unfortunately, that means spending at least $15 every meal, and in most cases, usually more.

However, if you time your eating around your hotel’s free and discounted meals, you can cut down your costs on food. Take advantage of complimentary breakfasts and discounted meals and you can save as much as hundreds on your trip.