6th February 2019

The Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

The end of a year drawing close is always a reason to celebrate. All the good and the bad that happens to us in a year, in a way, lead us to be better, improved. New Year’s Eve is a time to remind ourselves of every action, every act of kindness. It is a time we remember the bonds that we formed and the bonds that have withstood another year. There are many ways to celebrate these very humane milestones and achievements. Some like to spend time with their family, some like to be with their friends, using https://fakeyourdrank.com/ IDs so they can get served, and some like to go out with their partner. Then there are some that like to end the year by traveling. They want to spend the year’s last day and night in a place they have never been to before. These people don’t want to stop learning and embracing new things even as the year is ending. For these people, who want to celebrate their New Year’s Eve by traveling, the following is a list of the best places to visit during the time. Book cheap flight tickets and head to one of the places mentioned below for the greatest New Year’s Eve ever.

Rio de Janeiro

With miles of elegant coastline, surrounded by forests, and protected by Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro is a recurring city in travelers’ bucket list. In addition, Rio is one of the greatest places on Earth to party. The party is on at any time of the year but on New Year’s, it is extra wild. The city boasts of many beautiful beaches that host epic New Year’s Eve celebrations. It feels like a one big family party, the family being all the locals and tourists that are out partying. The best part is, even though there are easily a million people partying, it never gets negative in any way. Head to Ipanema Beach or Copacabana for the best New Year’s Eve experience in Rio. Dance to some epic Samba beats and sip on the local beer or the Caipirinha.


In Berlin, the energy is so contagious that you can’t help but move to the rhythms of this extraordinary city. Berlin is home to some of the greatest clubs, live music venues, and bars in the world. It’s therefore not surprising that this city has featured on this list. The happy-go-lucky Berlin takes you on a ride. Everything seems heightened during the New Year’s. The vibes are full of craziness, the alcohol is freely flowing, and the locals are warm and open. The city is home to one of the most famous open air New Year’s Eve party which happens at Brandenburg gate. You can also enjoy fireworks around the city if that’s your thing.


Oh how we hate partying in the cold! Only if the New Year’s was in the summer. If you wish the same, then Sydney is the best choice for you. Being close to the South Pole, December is a summer month in Australia and that means a very unique New Year’s Eve experience. It’s also important to know that Sydney is one of the first major metropolis to welcome the New Year. The most popular way to celebrate is to visit the Sydney Harbour and watch the fireworks light up the night sky. If you are not a fan of fireworks, then head to Liverpool’s free lakeside for an unforgettable party. You can drink, dance, and socialize, after all Australians are known for all of these. Get last minute flight deals on your trip to Sydney and spend the saved money on partying extra hard.

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