23rd January 2019

Why serviced apartments are great for family events

Visiting family can always be tricky when deciding where to stay, especially if you have children coming along with you. Do you go home, stay in a hotel or try and fit your whole family in to your parents’ house?

There’s one option that may work a little better than all of the above options, and that is staying in a serviced apartment. These are particularly great when visiting family who live in larger towns or cities, as there are lots of options available.

Why choose a serviced apartment?

  1. Space

One key benefit of serviced apartments is the extra space. When travelling as a family, there is often a lot of extra luggage, particularly if the family event is a birthday or Christmas and involves presents.

Self-catering apartments offer much more space than hotels and your childhood home. There are plenty of apartments that have multiple bedrooms with separate living and cooking spaces too, giving you some space to breathe.

Also, apartments can be a great place to unwind and relax with close family after a long event. So if you decide that you do not want to host the get-together or party at the apartment, then there’s always the option to look for a Birmingham venue hire (or closer to you) and host the event there!

  1. Privacy

Sometimes family events can be a bit taxing and can leave you craving a bit of space from the noise and large groups of people.

With serviced apartments the apartment is yours and yours alone. There is ample space for you and your family to relax without feeling that you are being watched or that you must converse with the people you are staying with.

  1. Cost saving

More often than not, serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels. For the amount of space you get in comparison to a hotel, you get excellent value for money.

Not only is the cost per night cheaper on average, but you also have the option to cook meals in the apartment. The kitchen usually comes with a beautiful countertop (usually from professionals fabricators and craftsmen like the ones at https://stonetechfabrication.com/quartz/), an assortment of appliances, and other important crockeries to get you sorted for your home-cooked meals! Saving a huge amount on eating out at restaurants three times a day.

Overall serviced apartments offer a range of benefits. They are a fantastic option when visiting family, offering some breathing space for everyone involved. You can find excellent serviced apartments in central locations, meaning you can also make the most of your stay by exploring the area.