23rd January 2019

On a budget in Newcastle: How to keep your costs down

It might not necessarily be as well-known as some of its southern alternatives (we are of course referring to London), but don’t discount Newcastle as a viable tourist alternative.

This is one city which has really come into its own over the last few decades. Located reasonably close to Scotland, it attracts all types of tourists and many are eager to go back with the friendly locals providing a different insight into UK tourism when compared to the usual cities.

It should also go without saying that your costs in Newcastle are going to be much lower than other tourist destinations in the UK. For example, when compared with London, the cost of accommodation in Newcastle is significantly cheaper – but there is further room to make savings. Through today’s guide, we will take a look at some of the ways you can do this.

How to get there?

With many tourists entering the UK via one of the huge London airports, it can be daunting to think that you have to travel across the country to reach Newcastle. However, plan in advance and you can do it on a budget. Trains tend to be run by Virgin Train East Coast, and you can grab these for as little as £15 if you plan ahead.

If speed is your thing don’t discount flying either. Plenty of airlines go there from London’s airports and you don’t have to pay much more than £60 on a good day.

When you get there…

If you have opted for the public transport option in terms of getting to Newcastle, this can continue once you arrive. The city runs something going by the name of A Day Rover pass and priced at around £7.50, it means that you can travel around as much as you want by hopping on and off the bus, train, Metro or even ferry.

The freebies when you arrive…

Sure, there are some attractions that you should look to pay for, with Newcastle home to several notable ones.

However, for the purposes of keeping with the budget theme for this guide, let’s take a look at the freebies that are available. We are going to start with the famous Angel of the North. This is arguably the pinnacle in and around Newcastle; it’s the giant structure that greets you in Tyneside and while it’s not located in Newcastle directly, it’s only five miles away so perfectly accessible via public transport (see above!). At 175m tall this is one of the most stunning and contemporary structures you will see across the UK, and the fact it is free just enhances the whole attraction.

Outside of this, there are of course the free museums in the region. For those who hold an interest in contemporary art, a short trip to Gateshead Quays can open you up to the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. Elsewhere, there is the Discovery Museum which is excellent for families and gives a great insight into the local area, while there is also the National Glass Centre which as you would expect, covers glass.