22nd January 2019

Essential NYC Group Tour Stops

New York, invariably, is the best place to visit. It becomes all the more special and fun especially when you plan it with a group or your favourite coterie of friends. New York has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing. And also it has some of the best food joints, bars and pubs which catapults your group tour a notch higher. However, now when you have a group you can’t book an Uber. To make it easier for you, suppose you are a group of twenty people who have come down to New York for a trip. To make your commute easier, you should always go for New York City bus rental. It not only makes your travel easier but also it’s pretty cheap and convenient.  Now, talking of the must-visit places in New York. Here’s a list which will surely help you out while planning your itinerary.

The Statute of Liberty:

Located in the Upper New York Bay on Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty is imperative for every NYC tourist. More than a monument it emanates a ray of hope for every immigrant coming down to America for job opportunities. Considered to be one of the most famous monuments in the world, the Statue of Liberty is quite famous among tourists and how. It was built by France and US in the name of their friendship. Every American is proud of this piece of art and one can understand the aura that it carries or rather flaunts when one visits it.

Empire State Building:

It’s located in Midtown Manhattan is a 102 storey sky scrapper. Built during the great depression, this building was considered to be the tallest building on the planet till 1972. It was built during the 1930s. It took 410 days to build this marvel. In case you want to avoid the serpentine ques you can opt for express passes for your group. Express passes are available online.

Time Square:

Time Square is a must visit. Its neon lights, exuberant music and a teeming crowd are what Time Square is made up of. In Central Manhattan, it’s located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. After a day-long tiring jaunt, you can just let loose yourself in Time Square. Binge, hog and paint the town red. And you should not miss out on the famous Disney Store. Also, there are other attractive, flashy stores which leave you stupefied.


Does this ring a bell? Well, it’s definitely not Ross Geller’s favourite place. It’s a green park and is every New Yorker’s go-to place. This green and leafy park is the perfect place for leisurely walks, skating, cycling and playing. You can just sit here and do some soul searching while staring into the space. Just plug in your earphones and let go of yourself and meditate. Also it has a fascinating zoo which houses some of the birds and animals of North America. However make sure you leave the park by nightfall or evening as it is not safe. Also this park has boating facilities. So, now you know what to do when in Central Park.

These are some of the must-visit destinations of NYC. Do not miss out on any of these while planning a group tour to New York. Also don’t forget to opt for bus rentals. There are a myriad of options when it comes to bus rentals. These rentals are pretty convenient and cheap. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, tighten your seat belts and be all ready to make the most of NYC. And last but not least, travel safe and sound. Always be up on your toes, because when you are in a foreign land, you have to be extra cautious.