18th December 2018

5 Things You Should Never Travel Without

When it comes to traveling, there are certain things you simply shouldn’t travel without. Forgetting to bring something essential won’t just be irritating during your travels, but it may even have the potential to ruin your experience.

In order to ensure you have the most comfortable and convenient trip possible, make sure that you never leave on a trip without the following.

Travel Insurance

Paying for yet another expense may be the last thing you want to do, so you’re probably leaning towards skipping out on paying for travel insurance. You probably think it’s just an extra cost you shouldn’t have to bother with and that it wouldn’t really cover anything important anyway, right? Wrong. You probably already have various insurance policies, such as home and life insurance, and you might even be starting to ask “what is long-term disability insurance?” to protect your income should a disability ever affect your ability to work.
Traveling insurance is incredibly useful and an important thing to have on you should you be unfortunate and have something go wrong while traveling.

Getting into an accident or being a victim of crime while traveling happens more than you might think. It’s important that you are prepared for it. Failing to have insurance under your belt won’t just lead to hefty bills, but you may even find yourself unsure about where to go or what to do. However, with your insurance, you’re protected for everything from flight cancellations to natural disasters.

Your Phone Charger

It’s all too common for travelers to forget their phone chargers and find themselves phoneless in a place they’re unfamiliar with. Not only is it important to have a phone, but in 2018 people’s phones are more than just something they call with.

Their phone is also their camera. What kind of a trip would it be if you didn’t have photos to show your friends and family when you get home? Try as much as possible to pack your charger before you pack anything. It may help to put them in your handbag or carry-on bag so you can see they’re there.


Everyone who has traveled in the last ten years knows how challenging it can be to travel with liquids. Therefore, it can be complicated planning exactly what you should and shouldn’t bring with you. You may opt out of packing anything and decide to buy whatever you need once you arrive at your destination, however, this isn’t always the best solution.

In some cases, it may be a waste if it’s full size and you have to throw it out before getting in your flight home.

Therefore, rather than not packing toiletries at all, invest in some airtight leak-proof travel containers and put them all into one sealed bag. Then you won’t have to waste anything or worry about spilling.

Credit Cards

While travelers’ checks were once considered the best way to bring money on your trip, they’re a thing of the past. Credit cards are the best way to travel since they offer convenience and security.

Cash can be dangerous and impossible to get back if you’re a victim of a crime. However, your credit card can be tracked and reimbursed if someone uses your funds illegally.

Gym Wear

One of the most common excuses to avoid keeping in shape while you’re away on your travels is that you simply don’t have the right clothing to hit the gym! If you’re going with your partner, you can even shop the his & hers collection to make it a little bit more special. Going on holiday always means one thing. Food, drink, food, more drink and sleeping. Little activity, yet lots of calories. If you incorporate your workouts into your time away, you won’t have the holiday guilt when you get home. Keep your efforts going! It is also often too expensive to purchase a whole new active wear wardrobe while you’re away so do yourself a favour and have it planned in advance. See what the guys at Get Bra Advice have to say about choosing a sports bra that will be multi-functional for any types of sports that you might want to get involved in while you’re away so that you don’t get caught short.