23rd November 2018

10 of the Best Countries in the World for Expats 2018 [Infographic]

Short of pulling names out of a hat, finding a new country to start a new life is no easy task. There are just so many different options to choose from. City life Singapore? Beach living in Barcelona? With so much on offer, where do you even start researching which expat destination is best?

It’s almost impossible for one single person to accurately research which country is right for them. That’s why Expatriate Healthcare got to work to produce a study that looked with great detail at the different features we know expats look for in a new home, whether it be mountain homes, city homes or beach homes!

We explored a range of aspects of life such as, employment opportunities, the cost of education, and overall happiness to help you decipher whether a country is right for your expat life. Our conclusion? We found that there were 10 countries that stood out above the others for expat life.

But, I hear you cry, where can I find all this information? Moreover, how can I compare countries? Luckily, the team here at Expatriate Healthcare have the answers for you. We sourced research from some of the most reputable sources possible – from banks to official government statistics – and put it all together into an easy to read and understand infographic for you!

Our goal is to help and support expats all over the world as much as we can! If this helped you at all, let us know! Tweet us your thought or ideas for future projects on @expatriateHealthcare