12th November 2018

Clever Ways To Vape In Airbnb

Which no one can tell you, bet me!

Airbnb is famous for their hospitality and providing guests with what they want. But still, with having several positive reviews and recommendations, there’s an unserved target market of people whom they are not hosting, i.e. smokers.

Airbnb doesn’t allow smoking. As per their policy, when the host opens their home to guests who smoke, they are also putting their home to potential damage. How?

Because smoking directly from a cigarette or from pot, can cause damages like a bad odor, soot, fire and other undesirable cases.

Find A Smoking Area

Like airports, there are several places where smoking is prohibited, and people are getting fined for it. What to do in such cases?

Obviously, we tend to find a nearby smoking area in the place or such a place where no one can catch us red handed. If you can’t resist to smoke or vape ejuice, but you don’t want to get caught then it’s one of the best and easiest solutions for you.

Ask People Ahead Of Time

It’s wise and smart of you, if you ask the people in advance whether vaping or smoking is fine with them or not. It’s one of the core rules of traveling or staying somewhere to get all of the necessary information firsthand, otherwise one may suffer. It not only gives you a big picture of the place where you are about to stay, but it also helps you figure other ways to vape or smoke there as per the people’s experiences.

Find A Bar Nearby

Give Google maps a try or ask nearby people for a bar where you can chill, make new friends, explore the area more and just vape. It could be the perfect opportunity for you to show off your new pod vape kit as well. Vaping at a bar is an easy and safe option. It is probably the best policy to try and not vape in an AirBnb and get saddled with fees for smoking, so just don’t do it.

Book An Airbnb With Smoking Spots Nearby

While searching and finalizing your Airbnb place, you can keep in mind your preference of having smoking spots nearby. It would help you to find such a place, plus it would give your host an idea about your choices as well. Sometimes host themselves allow to smoke in any of the confined areas if they like to do so. So, maybe you find someone likeminded.

Choose An Alternative

Clearly people smoke/vape for different reasons, but the overriding reason has got to be because of the addictive nature of nicotine. If you’re staying in an Airbnb, you’re going to need a nicotine hit at some point during your stay. This is where an alternative source of nicotine could come in handy. If you don’t want to have to leave the property to go somewhere to smoke, you could turn to nicotine pouches. With these pouches, no combustion is involved, which means no smoke. There is also no odor, so they are perfectly fine to use in Airbnb properties. You can find the cheapest nicotine pouches online, so take a look before heading to a store.
Then again, if you feel like you need to consume some form of the tobacco plant itself, then you can look into the use of snus, which is loose tobacco processed with water and sold in tins or packed into portion pouches. The way to use this is similar to how you would use a nicotine pouch, by placing it inside your mouth (usually under the upper lip). A very popular form of consuming smoke-free tobacco, especially in Sweden, this could be something you would enjoy instead of a vape or a cigarette. Websites like TaxFreeSnus.com have plenty of options and a variety of flavors to choose from. So, the next time you know you are going to stay in an Airbnb, consider trying these alternatives beforehand.

Give Reason: Vaping Is Different From Smoking

You may vape and reason that smoking is different from vaping. You must do your homework and research thoroughly, to make this work. There are lots of countries where there are separate laws for smoking and vaping, and vaping is considered to be the same. You can try the same logic in those countries where it’s applicable and can vape easily wherever you want. It won’t be considered dangerous or harmful. Isn’t that amazing?

Vaping in a prohibited area is not a problem as much as people consider it to be, you need to have some smart thinking.