29th October 2018

What is a Serviced Apartment and what are the benefits of using one on a holiday?

Recent changes in the way people travel and arrange accommodation has greatly altered the landscape when it comes to hotel and holidays. Internet start-ups like Airbnb and online accommodation review sites like Expedia and Booking.com mean the power is increasingly being put in the hands of the consumer. The increasing choice when it comes to holiday accommodation has given birth to the ‘serviced apartment’.

These apartments are becoming increasingly popular for both city escapes and summer holidays. The space and greater flexibility that they offer is making them popular with both families and couples. Here are some of the situations where a serviced apartment will benefit your holiday or weekend break.

Offsite vs Onsite Managed Apartments

Serviced apartments can be differentiated by the kinds of management that they adopt. Onsite-managed apartments will usually have a reception and onsite staff while an offsite management apartment will have no staff. Depending on what type of stay you want both options have their benefits.

Aparthotel vs Residential Serviced Apartments

Aparthotels attempt to bridge the gap between hotels and serviced apartments. They offer not only onsite staff but also the amenities typically associated hotels and other catered accommodation options. Naturally, these types of serviced apartments are usually a more expensive option.

Residential serviced apartments are typically located alongside lived in accommodation. These are best suited to those who are looking for a more long-term option; potentially those who have temporarily relocated for work purposes. These types of serviced apartments are popular in the ‘sharing economy’ world of Airbnb.

Single Property Serviced Accommodation

This type of apartment offers the most privacy out of the available options. This would make a very good choice for large families that are going for an extended holiday. It would also be cost effective for those who are going on a group holiday with a large number of guests.

The Benefits of a Serviced Apartment

The larger floor space offered by two bedroom suite apartments is one benefit over a traditional hotel room. The spacious living areas and amenities means that you will be better able to enjoy time with the family without having to jump in between hotel rooms. This will help to reduce any fragmentation you may have if your family is too big to fit into a traditional hotel room.

Whilst the room charges for the space offered may be more than a typical hotel depending on the star rating it may be possible to save money on laundry and cleaning charges. If you are staying in an apartment for more than just a few days the cost will usually work out cheaper than a hotel. This makes serviced apartments usually cheaper than a stay in a hotel of a similar quality level and price range.

Service Apartments and Your Stay

If you do choose a serviced apartment for your business or holiday needs you should be able to find one that best suits your needs in terms of size and location. The variety of options available from Urban Creation at Beech House will suit different people and be perfect for those staying in or near Bristol.