10th October 2018

Travel Around Switzerland Easily: Top Tips

Whenever you visit somewhere for the first time chances are you’ll want to know how easy it is to get from A to B. You may have already booked a week or two in one of the luxury homes in Switzerland and made plans to visit various places, but how are you going to get there? let’s take a look at how you can get around Switzerland with ease:

Renting a Car

You need to be at least 20 years old if you want to rent a car in Switzerland. Depending on where you live you may be able to use your current driving license but if you want to head to Switzerland’s surrounding countries you may need an international license. Please note that you’re likely to come across a few toll roads and they may be quite expensive so it would make sense for you to have enough change on you at all times.

If you are considering the option of bringing your new car for the trip, then look into the various features that the cars offer. You can also compare prices with the help of an invoice pricing calculator, and decide which car would be apt for the trip, at the best price. Also, make sure that the car you choose is ready for the road. However, fuel in this part of the world is quite expensive so you may have to think about an alternative form of transportation if you wish to travel quite far. Generally, the roads in Switzerland are quite good, just make sure you’re careful if you’re heading out in the snow as the roads can be quite slippery.

Travelling by Bus

Travelling across and around Switzerland by bus is not as comfortable as you may imagine, but it is worth doing. You may have to take a bus or two if you want to spend some time in one of the smaller towns or villages that aren’t linked to the local railway system. One of the good things about travelling by bus is that the railway stations seem to be quite close to the bus stop, helping you to get where you need to be with ease.

Travelling by Train

One of the best ways to travel around Switzerland is by train, especially as it’s quite cheap. The railway stations in this country are usually very clean and trains tend to be on time. One of the obvious benefits of travelling by train is the views you’ll have out the window. The scenery here is just incredible and although the locals see it every day it can still take their breath away. If you’re looking to travel on a particularly scenic route you may want to hop aboard the Bernina Express or the Glacier Express. Both of these routes will take you through some very rugged landscapes that are quite unlikely anywhere else in the world.

If you fancy splashing out on a train ticket then you may want to opt for a first class seat. A ticket in first class will provide you with a lot of room and a better view, but they are expensive. Travelling second class is so much cheaper and you’ll still get to enjoy some spectacular views. If you can, buy the Swiss Pass which will allow you to travel on the trains, buses, and many tour boats and ferries.

Travelling by Bicycle

Cycling is very popular in Switzerland, especially in some of the rural areas. More than 80 railway stations have bicycle rental stations, although they tend to be more available in the major cities as opposed to the smaller towns and villages. Travelling by bicycle is encouraged as it’s an environmentally friendly way to travel, it’ll keep you fit and you can come and go as you please. While you don’t have to wear a bicycle helmet by law in Switzerland it is always recommended.

Travelling by Boat

Switzerland is home to some stunning lakes and it seems only right that you should make the most of your time in this part of the world by spending a bit of time travelling on one of the lakes. Lake cruises tend to be a lot of fun and relaxing too. Some of the locals commute to work on the boats as they are a relatively easy way to help you get to where you need to be. As we mentioned earlier, some of the smaller towns and villages cannot be reached by train but many of them can be reached by boat. So if you plan to visit somewhere particularly out in the sticks, boat travel may be the way forward.

Travelling by Funicular

You may not have come to Switzerland to enjoy a spot of skiing or hiking but this does not mean that you cannot travel by funicular. A ride in a funicular is a lot of fun and they tend to be used by locals and visitors alike. If you’re travelling in or to a mountainous part of Switzerland you should expect to see a lot of funiculars as they’re the most reliable form of transportation and they can take you up and down a steep mountain with ease. Punctual and typically quite clean, the steepest funicular can be found in Gelmer near Innertkirchen in the south of the country.

Travelling around Switzerland is relatively easy, although it can be expensive if you wish to travel by car or grab a ticket in first class. If you plan to travel as cheaply as you can you may want to consider hiring a bicycle or travelling everywhere by bus or train. Getting around Switzerland can be a lot of fun and it can make your holiday even more exciting. So, hop on a funicular, jump on a train or head out on a boat and see this beautiful country from a whole new perspective.