17th July 2018

How to Snap Super Pics for Your Travel Blog

Because of the fact that my particular travel blog is focussed more on sharing handy hints and tips than my personal travel experiences, most of the pictures you see featured here are relevant to the topic itself as opposed to featuring me as just another vain travel blogger. Haha, no, you’re not vain at all if you like to see pictures of yourself out and about as you explore the world and share your experiences with the readers on your blog. After all, that’s what your blog is all about, isn’t it?

That’s what people visit your blog for and you should keep sharing your travel snaps. In fact, if as with everything else you do concerning your blog, if you’re going to be doing it at all you better do it properly! You may even be tempted to visit the website of someone who could help you grow your blog audience so that you are able to potentially make some money from it too. So here’s a quick guide to snapping super pics for your travel blog.

Content relevance

Whatever you’ll be discussing to make up the content of your post, there has to be some kind of visual representation of the main topic. Vloggers are sorted in that they pretty much just upload videos or embed them from YouTube, but if you want to engage those readers who particularly appreciate the written word then you still need to reinforce those words with some visual representation. Make the picture relevant to the content – it’s not hard at all and often the first pic which jumps into your mind is the one you should probably go with.

Unique identifier

Even if you’re lifting relevant pictures off of stock imagery sites, there has to be something unique about the picture you choose. It needs to embody the unique factor contained in your content, for example if you’re discussing some tips about visiting Pairs then is there a more iconic and unique identifier than the famous Eiffel Tower?

It’s not difficult at all either – all you really need to do is go with the first association that jumps into your mind and then only refine your choice perhaps if you looked at the picture and the answer to the question “Can I immediately tell what this post is about” was “no” or “not really.”

Capture the scenery as an experience

Photos that capture the scenery as an experience which has the subject (if any) enjoying the environment make for a more powerful pulling factor, compelling the visitor to read on, so instead of say looking straight into the camera and flashing a smile, turn and face the horizon. You need to put in an element of mystery which will indicatively only be satisfied by reading the content.

Put your signature on it

Lastly, if you look at the photos and other images featured on the blogs of experienced bloggers, what you’ll often notice is that there is some consistency to the appearance of all these graphics, or most of them. This is because they’ve added their signature to them, whether it’s that element of mystery we mentioned as delivered through something like always facing away or indeed if the pictures are all consistent with something like a specific photography rule.