5th June 2018

Doing the City of Sin without Sinning

Okay, so I’m not in any way a religious nut who is going to give you a debriefing on what constitutes sin and what doesn’t, but all the sinning that goes on in Las Vegas is perhaps metaphorical for the most part. Take it any which way you want, but there are some specific activities which are synonymous with visiting Sin City and we’re only going to make reference to these “sins” in this particular post purely from a reference point of view.

So what are these main activities associated with Las Vegas and does it mean that you can’t go to Sin City and have the time of your life if you’re not going to engage in those particular activities?


I perhaps don’t have to even get into the much seedier side of the entertainment on offer under the Las Vegas night sky (where people can explore their heavy hitch fantasies and the like), but the reality is that it is indeed all a reality and something which many tourists to this part of the world come for. Otherwise there is nightlife galore, to be enjoyed without having to worry about the long arm of the law because it’s all legal fun for the big kids.


You’ll perhaps just have to give yourself into the urge you get to take a chance when you go beyond the bright neon lights of the City of Sin, so just go with the flow and set an explicit budget if your intention was never to hit the slots or the tables on your particular visit to Las Vegas.

Here’s a secret I’ll share with you – since Vegas is mostly centred on gambling, most of the other entertainment is insanely cheap, including the in-house breakfast buffets, so you’ll have a good time without coming close to breaking the bank if you’re not here to gamble.

Alcohol and other substances

The other substances are illicit and I perhaps don’t need to point that out either, but otherwise Las Vegas is definitely known for all manner of substances one can indulge in to forget their problems or just have a good time (alcohol).

What you can get up to and have the time of your life

So if you’re to do Vegas without the allure contained in the sex, drugs and alcohol, then what exactly will you get up to if you’re to come away from your experience of Las Vegas having had the time of your life?

Las Vegas and the greater state of Nevada has so much to offer and you might be surprised to find that there are people raising families there if this question comes to your mind. There is plenty of history to explore, such as the site of the nuclear bomb testing and you can visit the dam as part of a full-day tour.

Casinos aren’t only for gambling as one can enjoy a taste of all the fine cuisine on offer and you can also enjoy some of those traditional live performances by famous musicians which only serve to continue a long line of top-quality entertainment.