1st May 2018

Around the World in a Lifetime

It’s a well known fact that one of the best ways to put yourself on course to realising all the goals you have, including your travel goals, is to compile a bucket list. The travel goals are what concern us most as a growing community which is all set to continue receiving value out of all the information shared on this blog, simply because the common interest of travelling is perhaps the best demonstrator of how people who come together can really make it happen.

So one of the goals which a lot of travellers have, even if they don’t explicitly state it, is that of really travelling the world to your heart’s content. In other words if you could visit every single country in this world then you wouldn’t give it a second thought.

As much as we can talk about it being a mindset thing, that of actually making it happen, the truth is that your ability to do so ultimately hinges on the finances. Sure, the skilled backpacker can stretch their budget beyond measure and get to explore all those places which would otherwise cost a fortune to see, but even that kind of guile can only take you so far.

A lifetime is indeed a long time, but the time itself over which a lifetime spans is subjective because it depends on how much you have to live as an individual. So when one thinks about achieving the feat of seeing the world, country by country, over their lifetime then one inevitably realises that time is of the essence.

Look at it this way – looking back on the past five years in your life or indeed the past ten years of your life, how many of the things you set out to achieve did you actually get around to doing? I specifically broadened the question and didn’t focus on travelling because your unrealised travel plans alone will probably make for some depressing thoughts.

Now taking things back to the travel plans, when you eventually kick the bucket you probably won’t be of any consciousness to regret all those missed opportunities. That will come sometime before then and that’s when it hits you the hardest.

The truth is that though as much as we all have plans to touch ground in every single country on this planet before we depart this earth, we probably won’t. It’s sad but true, but all we can do is just try.

When death comes around and it finds you conquering your next mountain then you won’t have any regrets.

So what I was getting at with all of this text is that you should go for it and try to cover as much ground as you can when you have the opportunity. So when you’re flying to a specific holiday destination for example and you perhaps notice that you’ll have some stopovers in between, if you’re moving forward with the same airline then it’ll probably cost you about $10-$20 more to make sure you stay longer in each of those layover destinations so that you see more places on the same trip.