20th April 2018

How to Explore the Caribbean on the Cheap

Even if you’re flying from anywhere in the Americas really, any destination in the Caribbean makes for somewhat of an exotic escape which then naturally comes at quite the cost. You would think that a plane ticket to someplace like the Bahamas would be cheaper departing from New York than say Sao Paulo or London, and in truth it is, but not that much cheaper. So it is indeed one of those trips which a lucky few experience a few times in their lifetime if not just a singular time.

Don’t get me started on the accommodation – even on what is supposed to be budget booking platforms such as Booking.com and the likes, staying in a hostel would probably cost you around what it would cost you to stay in a four or five-star hotel elsewhere in the world. That’s why a trip to the exotic tropics of the many Caribbean island destinations is perhaps something you’d save a very long time for, especially when you come across sites like https://www.exceptionalvillas.com/dominican-republic and see all the luxury villas that you could have available to you. It is as though you can’t embark on one of these holidays without the splendour and magnificence of a villa stay. It really adds to the vibe of the vacation, and always worth it.

It really doesn’t have to be that expensive though and the answer to exploring the Caribbean on the cheap resides in cruises on cruise ships.

Value for money

The elderly are normally associated with enjoying cruises on the huge cruise ships, but they’re onto something hey! While you won’t be on the exotic Caribbean island location for as long as you would otherwise be if you flew in and stayed a while, getting there by cruise ship is a great way to enjoy an experience most people in this world will only ever dream of.

It’ll work out much cheaper and although things like tourist visas to most Caribbean countries aren’t really a problem, completing your booking of a cruise package will usually sort out all the other organisational issues you would otherwise come across.

It’s true value for money because you get to travel to more destinations on one fare essentially and the on-board situation is in itself something of a luxury holiday.

Book early

Cruise companies often have their timetable set long before departure date, sometimes with listings that go all the way up to an entire year in advance. Book early because often the early bird specials offer some big savings, plus you also get some good choice by way of options such as the type of cabin you’ll be staying in.

Search for cruises with longer docking times

This is the where the bringing together of searching for value for money and booking early results in the perfect storm which will allow you to enjoy exploring the Caribbean much cheaper than what you’d usually pay. Search for those cruises that dock longer in each of the countries at which they stop. This way your accommodation is sorted and you won’t have to spend a penny more than what you paid for the cruise itself, all while you get to explore the exotic destination of course.

If you look hard enough you can find cruises with docking times of between 24 and 36 hours, in which case you will have struck gold!