1st April 2018

Your Guide to Thailand

A firm favourite in holiday destinations amongst backpackers in particular from all over the world, Thailand comes into focus as our discussion topic as we guide you through what to expect and how best to go about your approach to visiting this Southeast Asian country.

The best time to visit

There are naturally some conflicting opinions on when the best time to visit Thailand would be, but I’d like to think mine is that much more valuable because I’ve put it together taking into account many factors, not just one or a specific one. So in my opinion the best time to visit if you have quite a bit of time you’re going to spend in the Southeast Asian country is one or two weeks after the traditional burning season ends, which takes into account the weather and the residual low costs of accommodation left over from the burning season which seems to drive a lot of would-be tourists away.

Weather-wise this is when the rainy season is long gone too, so it’s a confluence of costs, weather and tourist-friendly environment which come together to make the period just after burning season the best to visit. It’s usually as the second half of the year gets going…

Places to explore

Some of the popular places that come to mind as possible bases or destinations to explore in Thailand would naturally include the likes of the capital, Bangkok, or Pattaya, but there is a lot more on offer than that. The two I mentioned are perhaps notorious for the nightlife they offer, particularly sex tourism, but that’s not all which is on offer even in those destinations.

There’s a lot more on offer, but if you particularly want to get away from the obvious entertainment associated with the likes of Pattaya and Bangkok, you can head on over to Chiang Mai or Phuket. Chiang Mai is a particularly popular destination amongst so-called digital nomads, otherwise Phuket is famous for its majestic beauty and all the outdoor fun activities such as snorkelling to go along with boat cruises.

Some of the smaller islands are good as well, such as Koh Chang.

Staying safe

Even if you go into the heart of what can be the rather seedy nightlife associated with the likes of Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand is a very safe destination to visit. It’s only characteristic of the entire Southeast Asian region though, so too most of the other destinations in Asia. It’s safe, but don’t you go looking for trouble in some of the darkest corners of the dodgiest places.

How much it will cost you

Even for travellers that come from countries such as South Africa and other places where the cost of living is generally reasonable to expensive, Thailand is relatively very cheap to visit. You can get the full complement of all the joys and pleasures which make up the quintessential holiday getaway on a budget that won’t have you breaking the bank, which is why Thailand remains a favourite amongst many travellers the world over.