20th March 2018

Top Road-Trip Jams

Any kind of list of the best music compiled will always be subjective, so by no means is this meant to be any kind of universal or official list of the best road-trip jams. I’m merely sharing my own list and by all means, I encourage you to perhaps engage me and send through some of your own which you think I many have left out or some which are featured on my list you think shouldn’t be included.

You’ll have to elaborate of course because music is indeed art and the beauty thereof lies in the eye of the beholder (the ear in this instance) and we’re talking here music which is perhaps meant to make for the soundtrack to one of the greatest privileges of this world, travelling.

Every jam has a story of course, whether it’s a story which was formed out of an associated experience or indeed if it’s a pre-scripted story which is just waiting to play out.

Dolly Parton – Just When I Needed You Most

This is indeed a cover, but personally I much prefer it over the original. Anyway, the title and the lyrics say it all, don’t they? I can just imagine a solo traveller whose heart may have been broken or who just decided that they had to leave a love behind with the open road awaiting them.

The Proclaimers – 500 Miles

500 Miles by the Proclaimers has us putting a bit more of a positive spin on things by way of the ultimate in road-trip jams, exploring the idea of travelling to a love instead of leaving one behind. A certain hit television series in the form of How I Met Your Mother might perhaps have gone a long way in solidifying a spot for this track in the road-trip music hall of fame.

Celine Dion – I Drove All Night

The title and the lyrics say it all once again with this song, and well yes, it may come across as a bit soppy to say the least, but it definitely makes my list nevertheless. “I drove all night…to make love to you…” I mean, come on!

Christopher Cross – Sailing

He’s not exactly singing about driving, but it’s just as dreamy a road-trip track as any other one, inspiring one to dream a little about simply getting away.

The Beach Boys – Kokomo

For me this is the ultimate road-trip song, perhaps legitimised by the fact that I could claim to be driving to the airport so that I can catch a flight to somewhere in the Caribbean, where all which they’re singing about awaits me.

Richard Marx – Endless Summer Nights

Holiday romance is in the air with Richard Marx’s “Endless Summer Nights,” putting any kind of traveller in the mood to feed their wanderlust, even if you’re driving and your trip has nothing at all to do with the picture painted in the song.

Kool & the Gang – God’s Country

Given what they’re singing about, on that premise this is perhaps the ultimate road-trip song because it talks about it in a straight-forward and simple way. “Travelling over God’s country…”